Health and Safety


It isn’t always easy for organisations to keep up to date with current legislation. However, partnering with CAA will ensure your business is up to date and compliant in every aspect of health and safety. From analysis to action, CAA are your one stop shop for all your health and safety consultancy needs.

Our comprehensive health and safety policy is regularly updated and available on request. This policy covers all aspects of the company and ensures we are on top of all health and safety issues for our employees, contractors and members of the public alike. Our health and safety record is exemplary. On every contract a member of our senior management team will carry out a site specific risk assessment to ensure that every job is looked at individually and all possible hazards are avoided. 


CAA offers complete sampling and lab analysis including comprehensive chemical and microbiological analytics. Our experts are trained to give you clear, jargon-free information on your results as quickly as possible, so that you have the right information available to make the best decisions for your business. We will inform you on any further action that may be required and, of course, all your results are completely confidential.


There are lots of reasons to ensure that your staff has comprehensive Health and Safety training. In the first case, the safety of people on site must be made a priority. In addition to this, an acute understanding of the issues will make your staff more efficient and less likely to make costly mistakes. All of our staff at CAA are up to date on all certifications and training in the industry of contracting and asbestos removal. All workers obtain a Asbestos Worker card before handling any ACM.

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