Frequently asked questions

Mag kano need ko iinvest para makapag start ako ng multi servicing business?

You can start your Multi Servicing business for 0 PESOS and up to P1,000. In the Masterclass we break down ways of spending 0php to get your first sales, ways of spending P200, or even P1000. In the end it comes down to how much time, money, and energy you have extra to invest in your business. If you want to spend less money, it will take more time, if you want to spend more money, it will take less time. But that's the great thing about multi servicing business, no matter your starting situation, there's a strategy that will suit you, and we show it to you. For example if you have a day job and only a couple hours a day to build your business you might decide to spend a little more to hire a any assistant to do the work for you, get the website built, and start sending emails. This way of doing things would cost around P100 to P1,000 MAXIMUM.

Makaka ask ba ako ng questions kay coach Franklin?

Yes, absolutely! We have a QnA on the end of every topic masterrclass where I answer all of your questions live. We have a Facebook group where you can ask your questions and I personally read all posts in the group. Taking care of our community is very important and I will answer the questions myself if it's necessary. Also other coaches or participants who know the answer can also help you. By joining this class you will get support along your business journey. We don't leave anyone behind here, we will work together every step of the way to make it work and nothing makes me happier than seeing a student achieve their business goals.

Gaano katagal bago ako kumita dito?

We designed this program to give you all the strategies and methods you need to get your first INCOME within the first 2 weeks. How fast you get results really depends on your goals. It really depends, because some people are studying or have a job on the side and just want to build a side business. Others want to live a life of freedom and only work a few hours on their business. While others are really ambitious and hustle to build their Multi Servicing business to massive heights. This program is good whatever your goals are and you can go through it at your own pace. Some people can get results within the first few weeks, some people take longer. At the end of the day, how fast you get results really depends on how much action you take and how hungry you are.

May need ba akong skill or knowledge bago ako kumita dito?

the beauty of Multi Servicing business is that you don't need any particular skill, knowledge or experience since you are not providing the services yourself. The only knowledge that you will need i how to get client. And we cover these in great detail in this program. We teach you everything in the fastest and most effective way with a bit a theory and a lot of step-by-step practical coaching. In this program, you will learn all the proven methods and necessary skills to build a successful Multi Servicing business. A degree is not going to help you much in building a business. What you learn at college doesn't teach you how to build a successful business because teachers haven't done it themselves. In this program, I give absolutely everything I learned and I don't hold anything back. So you can build your business from scratch and don't need to spend years figuring out all these things. You can just plug in all the methods and strategies and get your business going in a few weeks.

Paano kung hindi ako kumita dito?

We offer 100% money back guarantee if you didn't earn more than what you paid for NO QUESTIONS ASKED. we're that confident on the masterclass

Hindi ko afford yung masterclass

You can reserve your slof for P499 and get the full payment for only 95% off. Not having enough money is a common excuse for not taking action. You can always find the money if you need it. So please stop making excuses and start taking action. Winners are the action takers. And in this program you will learn how to win.

How much is the Masterclass

Special Offer - 95% Off original ticket is 49k the early bird rate is 6.997 only message coach franklin for the price IG: @franklin.miano FB: @masterfranklin2

Hindi ako available sa time and date ng masterclass? paano yun?

Don't worry you we will record the masterclass to the students that dont have time for the selected date of the masterclass. we will provide the recorded file after 2 days of the masterclass